Most Jamaicans Thinks Vybz Kartel Should Not Be Allowed To Record In Prison

Lisa Hanna might be echoing the view of the majority of Jamaicans when she calls for a ban on Vybz Kartel music due to his murder conviction.

Since making the statement in January, Lisa Hanna has been getting a lot of bashing from a lot of dancehall fans. But she is also getting some supporting from some quarters of dancehall and it seems the wider Jamaica supports her views. ”If you are convicted until you are not convicted perhaps it is your music needs not be played on the radio,” she said.

The Observer conducted a survey of 2,747 Jamaicans on the subject and Seventy-eight percent of respondents thinks that convicted felons should not be allowed to record music and sell from prison...

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Jahmiel Promises More Positive Music Amidst Vershon Beef

Jahmiel is promising his fans more of the type of music that gained him so much success in dancehall over the last few years.

The singjay has been beefing with Vershon over the last couple of weeks fueling a heated debate among dancehall fans on who is the better artist. Now he is ready to put that feud behind him and put out some more uplifting music.

“My fans can expect Jahmiel to continue to give them great music, music that speaks about their struggles, music that speaks about their triumphs against the ones who try to fight their success, music that speaks about the success and joy they feel when they buy their first vehicle or house, and versatility to let the enemies know we say righteousness,” Jahmiel said.

Jahmiel is getting ready to embark on a major tour of the U.S...

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Masicka Disses Alkaline & Foota Hype At Magnum Live Concert

Mavado has responded to Vershon in his fiery new single “Dirt Nap.” The “Inna Real Life” singer has been named dropping the Gullyside singjay in his latest round of diss tracks in his beef with Jahmiel.

Sources inside the Gully camp exclusively told Dancehall HipHop that Mavado has no intentions of beefing with Vershon because he is simply nowhere near his level. “Vershon is not on the Gad level not even close so he is not even worth the Gad attention,” sources said. “Suddenly everyone wants to be on his level Gullyside/Vendetta mad them this year.”

In the Yellow Moon Records-produced single, Vado echoed the same sentiments that his attention is not warranted...

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Mavado Takes On a More Positive Tone Amidst Heated Vybz Kartel Beef


Mavado seems to be taking on a more positive tone amidst his heated beef with Vybz Kartel.

The Gully/Gaza feud is back in full swing despite both Mavado and Vybz Kartel publicly making peace back in 2010 after things were getting physically violent among their fans. It will be interesting to see where things go from here especially since Kartel is now incarcerated.

After dropping a slew of gritty diss songs like “Brawla” and “Mr. Dead”, Mavado took a more positive tone in his recent single “Get Up.” The single was produced by Marvoni Records.

“More time, you just have to reflect on life and know say no matter where you a come from, don’t look for a handout from nobody,” the Gullyside singjay said. “Only you can do it for yourself, so get up. If you work, you must get pay...

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Drake Took Shot At Alkaline After Popcaan Diss Track Went Viral


Drake only sees a battery when he hears the name Alkaline. The 6 God is reacting to the Vendetta deejay’s new Popcaan diss track “Microwave” that went viral.

“I know a battery name Alkaline not a person #unruly,” Drake tweeted this morning before deleting it. Alka went hard on the track referencing the bromance between Popcaan and Drizzy claiming that the Toronto emcee bought the Unruly Boss the convertible Range Rover plus some added bonus of some tampons.

“Man we shoot up the car weh yo man buy give yo / Mek yo affi left that abandon / Yo get 30 million worth of ride and a range and a pack a tampon,” Alkaline deejay over the Chimney Records-produced beat.

Drizzy is riding with the Unruly gang all the way but he has never released a diss track aimed at any dancehall artist...

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